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Vacation thoughts

For the last few months I’ve been hard at work trying to find a full time job in my fields. But what this really means is that I’ve spent the last few months trying to get hired, through the different hoops including interviews, writing sample pieces, rebuilding and converting my portfolio. All in all, it’s been exhausting.

But luckily and happily, I’ve just secured a full time, contract position for myself. With the referral from my instructors, I start after Labour Day. Yes, I did a dance of joy when I got off the phone with the lovely human resource generalist I’d been working with.

So this means I’m giving notice at my part time gig as I need to free up some time to be able to handle the workload.

But back to my original idea. I’m taking a vacation from the normal job hunting activities I’ve been doing. I have a few weeks to wind down the part time job and then I’m going to get a bunch of other stuff done. There is a ton of chore style work needing to be done around the house and outdoors.

Last year the family rented a cottage and made a two week vacation away from all the tech, the toys and the television. This year I’m taking a break from the job hunt instead, so when my first day starts I’m ready to spring into action.

The best part is that the location is four blocks from my house, easily walkable!

Cheers. Get out there and enjoy summer while we have it.