Return to the job hunt

Been a bit busy between the end of term and finishing up assignments and one of my part time jobs.

But I made it. Next month I’ll convocate with the second class of Conestoga College’s Integrated Marketing Communications Post-Grad certificate program. After 8 months of assignments, group projects, event planning, stress and juggling, it’s over.

Also important to note, this week I learned that I made the Dean Honor List. It’s one of those things that made me cheer, grin and remember all the hard work.

I’m working on setting up a WordPress which will include my resume, work samples and other pieces I’ve created. Once I have the site up and running I’ll make sure to include a link here. In case you’re interested.

So back to the job hunt. I’m looking for marketing, communications or public relations positions. If you know of a position, feel free to send the information along.