Four months later

So that was a speedy semester. In the past four months I’ve tackled 7 classes and started a new part time job. The part time hasn’t been bad, except that it takes up most of my weekends.
School has been a whole other story. Seven classes, stacks of projects, assignments, assessments and group activities occupied most of my time. In some ways I feel more prepared to re-enter the job hunting scene. In other ways I’m not sure that I’m more qualified to work in the advertising, marketing and branding areas.

Come January I’m starting another part time job, this one handed to me by a former professor. I’ll be marking assignments, tests and whatnot from the Public Relations diploma program. They finally have enough students enrolled this year to qualify for funding to hire someone to help them with marking. So it pays to keep in touch with former instructors. Also demonstrating sound judgement and fairness will help.

So that’s what’s been going on in the last four months.