School versus work balance

In the last few weeks i’ve been transiting from applying for full time jobs to part time jobs. At least count I’ve applied for 60 odd jobs. The first place to answer my application was a wine store (within a store). I interviewed and interviewed and got to the offer of employment stage. However my class schedule, which I have no choice over preventing me from being able to work 1 day shift a week through the workweek. Unfortunately I was rejected based on the schedule.

Several people suggested that I skip several classes each week in order to ensure that I have a pt job. Big fail. I hate the idea.whats the point in going to school and paying for school if I’m just going to skip classes.



Switching Gears

This marks a switch in my blog topics. Instead of focusing on my job hunt, and the lack of postings, I’m switching topics to include my upcoming scholarly adventure.

Starting in September I’m heading back to school where I’ll be studying Marketing Communications. It’s a one year post-grad program. Between the courses and the teachers, I’m hoping that it will make me a better candidate and lead to some more opportunities.

I may still blog about the job hunt as it will continue in the form of a part time job. But the primary focus will be on other ares.