Valentine’s Day

Only three days late to comment on the so called day of Love. Valentines’ Day. Every February 14th we’re expected to shower our loved ones with candy, gifts and confess our love.

Instead of just doing this one day a year, I’ve opted to do it more often. Every day if I can handle it.

Also, this year finds me single again. So the only person who could shower me in love was myself. So I did. I resumed my normal exercise routine which always leaves me with a healthier heart and a bounce in my step. I’d been craving chocolate, seeing all the commercials and store displays. So instead of giving in, I made a pan of brownies. They are lasting much longer than the small bag of chocolates from the store would have. Also, it helps eating in moderation. Instead of eating the entire bag of chocolate, I’ll have 1 brownie.

Despite being reminded constantly that I was “alone” on Valentine’s Day, I felt better knowing that some self-love goes a long way.

So next year when you’re showering your loved ones in love, don’t forget to include yourself in the process. You’re just as worth it as your partner.


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