US Politics

The Republican Candidates Debate

I’m watching the last half of the Florida Republican Candidates Debate. As a fan of the West Wing, I’ll admit I’m biased. But I can only shake my head at this debate. Also, for honesty’s sake, I’m not American. I can’t vote in the upcoming Presidential election, but I can have an opinion.

So this is mine. I don’t understand why the issues they are discussing (English as the US first language, immigration) are such hot-button issues. I know that their immigration policies are different from Canada’s, but didn’t the entire nation of the US start out as immigrants? With the exception of the First Nations people.

One of the key phrases thrown around tonight was ‘self-deportation’. The potential future leader of the US gov’t thinks that if people in the US illegally will just go home if they can’t find jobs. How clueless is he?

This is my biggest frustration. The entire primary system is messy. I understand that it gives the delegates to show off what their made of, show their leadership ability. Unfortunately all I’ve seen of this process is blaming the current President for everything. Just as a reminder, the Republican President before him didn’t leave a neat and tidy house.

Just makes me pleased that Canada isn’t due for a Federal election for 3 years.


It’s Monday, Application Methods

Usually Mondays are full of slooth and that feeling of being behind. Instead today, I jumped out of bed, went through my normal routine and then immediately got down to job applications.

In the last week or so, there’s been a dramatic increase in job postings in my field. So this morning I went through all my notes and rough drafts, throwing together several.

I prefer to apply to a posting via a provided email, disliking the Taleo websites immensely. It’s hard to sell yourself to a recruiter when you get a 3 option response and none of the choices are the ‘most’ correct. In addition, I dislike the method of applying through Workpolis. It’s very similar to Taleo, only it doesn’t copy most of the information from your uploaded resume very accurately.

What does you prefer?


Happy New Year

When I started this blog, I had massive ambitions to post an entry every day. Now I realize that at the time it was unrealistic. So I’m going to try to do better.

Happy New Year!

We’re one week into 2012 and I’ve spent the weekdays working on job applications. That’s my only New Year’s resolution: to get a job.

So if you’re hiring for Marketing, PR or Communications postions, I’m a good hire.

Best wishes for 2012!