Writer’s Block

First off, I have writer’s block. For years, I was able to sit down at a keyboard or hold a pen. Words flowed out. I covered a variety of topics, from entertaining tips, to proper behavior as a communications person. Lately I find myself writing instructions and functional pieces. How to type. How to start your own business. How to utilize an iPad. Great topics. I enjoyed writing these functional pieces. I did. But now I find myself struggling to write creatively.

Cue the Jaws theme music. Enter writer’s block.


Not my glasses. Photo credit:Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

I’m stuck writing conversations and writing without heart. I decided to write about my experience with writer’s block. No doubt writer’s block will strike again. I’ll find myself unable to write quality pieces.

But right now, sitting down at the keyboard doesn’t feel as overwhelming as I expected. Words flow out of my fingertips, onto the keyboard. It feels like a friend has returned.

Welcome back words. Welcome back. I’d hug you if I could. I’ve missed you.

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Been Feeling Unwell

I’ve had another episode of vertigo. From start to finish, it lasted about 2 weeks. During the fun episode of vertigo, gout flared up again.

So I did something about it. My neighbour is a registered massage therapist among other categories of wellness. I went over and talked to her about gout, vertigo and a host of other issues.

She suggested aloe vera juice and apple cider vinegar. So today I marched out and purchased the aloe vera juice. Apple cider vinegar already exists at my house.

I’ll check back in with an update on how I’m feeling.

PS: Still unemployed. EI runs up today. Eck!



Here’s a quick update:

September 2016 – end of contract.

I worked as an assistant grader during the fall 2016 semester at the local college. 

In March I wrote and created several play books for a local Tech hub.

March and April found me developing curriculum, instructional plans and all associated documents for 5 courses.

Currently, I’m going through the process of phone interviews and in-person interviews with several companies, for contract work.
Most recently I’ve been rejected for a specific role. This leads me to ask if it’s time to toss in the towel and find a new field.

I’ve been searching for the full time, permanent job for 12 years. I’m tired of applying and interviewing, only to be rejected.


A Girl Back on the Hunt

We’re back at it. My contract ended September 2016.

I was working part time until the middle of December.

So I’m back on the hunt. This time around I’m finding more jobs to apply for. Is it because I’m checking more places, there are more jobs out there, or that I’m qualified for more?



So I interviewed for PR gig this week. It’s the first time in a long time that I’d interviewed for a relevant gig. Over a year.

I think it went well. It was the most relevant interview I’ve had. The gig was for a PR position at my current company.

However I think they have someone in mind for the position.

We’ll see.


April 1

April 1. That’s the end date of my current contract.

However it’s 3 weeks before a giant trade show that takes a “all hands on deck” approach. It’s 3 weeks weeks before a one day conference that takes a “all hands on deck” approach.

I bet April 1st isn’t the end date of my current contract.